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3 Easy Ways To Diy Cute Girl Bedroom Ideas


There are three awesome DIY cute girl bedroom ideas to wake up your bedroom. Let’s start investigating your room. If you think that the wall is too dull, the quickest way to transform your room is to repaint it. Pick the right color like teal, white and black combination or pink and gray combination, it will be also great to give some purple – gold touch and any of your favorite color. And then let’s start the DIY decoration project!

Playing with lights
Lights will always be a magical way to transform your bedroom. All you need are a set of Christmas lamps and some plastic cups. You can arrange the Christmas lamps above the head of the bed or arrange them around the mirror on your vanity. You can also use the plastic cups as the lamp caps. Use some glue and glitter to decorate the plastic cups. If you have a standing lamps, you can also redecorate the lamp cap with some glitter and beads. It will be a great decoration when you turn off the lamp and give your room romantic shade when you turn on the lamp at night. You can also add a hanging fixture over the table. It can be a simple lighting and you can make your own decorating cap with recycled stuffs like old rope which you arrange into the shape of a bottle or a ball with wood glue.


Curtain and organizer
Another great way is to install your handmade curtain. You can easily make curtain with beads and ribbon. Put it as window curtain or to your closet door. You can also make the curtain with sea shells and threads. At the same, you can also create some cute organizer to organize your accessories and books. Indeed, they will be a great display in your room. Use some old glasses and jars to keep your stationary and accessories. You can paint the jars with your own art version or any color. They will be a nice organizer to decorate your bookshelf and table.

Painting and pictures
If you like painting you can paint the wall on your own. You can also use some canvas to create some awesome painting. To create a country and unique look you can even use some wood to draw the painting. How about the pictures of your family and friends? Indeed it can be a great decoration idea. Put the into some frames and put them on the wall. You can also use a big canvas and paint it with some color and arrange the photos into particular shape like heart or anything as one of the best DIY decoration for the cute girl bedrooms.