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Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Cute Girl Room Ideas: Small Room Tips


Even a small bedroom can be a great place to try some cute girl room ideas. Indeed with simple trick, you can make your small room super cute and comfortable. If you do it right, you will turn your small bedroom into a very nice girl bedroom.

Arrange everything right
Besides avoiding ineffective use furniture, you also have to pay attention on how you arrange every furniture in that room. First, pay attention on the location of the door and window. You can put the bed beside the window. There is a little space between window and the wall which is actually not effective. By putting the bed near the window, you can easily open and close the window and make use another space to place some decoration and furniture. This idea is actually applicable to any cute girl rooms.


Color and lighting
After arranging the furniture right, you also have to pay attention on the color and lighting effect to the room. Color and lighting are crucial to create larger vision and atmosphere of the room. It is suggested for you to paint the bedroom with light color like pastel color. Indeed, you can pick your favorite color, just choose the light version of your favorite color. At the same time you have to make sure that there will not be any furniture which may block the natural light from the window or ventilation. Besides the light color will reflect the light better to create brighter room, it is also important to create good air circulation so the room will not only be a cute girls room, but also healthy and comfortable.

Simple decoration
The last important thing is to decorate your room with cute accessories which are simple and functional. Take for example, you can use mason jar or glass to keep your accessories and stationary on the table. It will be very cute if you paint the glass and mason jar with some color. If you like glamour look, you can add some glitter to the paint or paint it with golden and silver color. You can also install a simple rack which is attached to the wall. Paint the rack with strong color like gold, black, white, or even dark color like black and dark purple. You can put any stuff to this rack and decorate your room at the same time. There must be a mirror in any cute girls rooms, just decorate the frame with picture or flower.