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Different Design Styles: Basketball Themed Interior Decoration Ideas


Different design styles of home can be found easily. There are a lot of design ideas that can be applied for your home style. You can pick one that is most adorable for you. One of themes that can be suitable for any gender is sport. Many people have sport passion. That’s why this theme can be applied for somebody’s rooms.

One of the important parts of home is interior. You can start decorating from your interior area. You can choose one for showing your passion or favorite sport. Well, now you can turn your passion into the home lifestyle, right?
So, do you want to know some interior design ideas with sport theme? If you want to know about them, keep reading below. Here is the discussion about that.


Basketball Theme
The theme that can be your best choice is basketball. As we know that NBA is the most popular team of basketball around the world. There are also a lot of fans of this sport team. Well, you can support your team by your home decoration.

What you should do firstly? First of all, you can start it by your walls. The color of NBA team will be the perfect choice to be applied on the walls. It means you will paint the wall by its color. Then, for somebody who doesn’t like its color, you can change it to the alternative choice. You can apply the team logo color on the wall.
Besides that, you can continue decorating by applying the hoop of basketball on every wall or door. If you have boring time, you can throw basketball on the hoop. In other hand, it also offers you another function, right? So, the first idea is from basketball color and logo.

Adding Hardwood Flooring and Basketball Furniture
The basketball match area is dominated by hardwood floor. You can also try to apply this concept. You can pick one room to be decorated as the total representation of basketball style. It means you are going to apply the hardwood elements on the floor. If there is too expensive price, you can choose laminate flooring as the best option.
Last, you can add some furniture products that represent the basketball life. Desk and chairs with basketball theme will be the best option for you. You can find the basketball seat pillow too. It can be placed at your living room. Finally, those are all about basketball themed decoration as one of different interior design styles.