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Having Black Kitchen with Black Granites


Black kitchen design will give elegant and perfect look for your home. Black color is the main choice of a house with minimalist style. As we know black color is one of simplicity symbol. This color shows darkness and calm sense too. You can choose this concept to be applied at your kitchen.

Having kitchen with black concept can be realized by your kitchen countertop. You can apply black countertop at your kitchen. Wide and big countertop can represent black concept that you want to show.


Well, for having black countertop, you can choose black granites. Talking about those granites, actually this article is going to discuss about the color functions of black granite. So, let’s check reading below and find your best information only here.

Versatility, Pros, and Cons
These are the first part of granite functions that you can get. First of all, it shows versatility. What does it mean? It means this one can fit your room concept equally both for traditional and modern sense. Related to style of your kitchen, this black one can increase the luxurious feel for your kitchen. You don’t need to force the effect of the color scheme in your kitchen too.

The next functions are pros and cons. For your information, most of black granites can absorb the stains. In other hand, you can reduce extra maintenance for your kitchen countertop. For example, you will get less crumb and dust that hit it. Its black color will also remove the dust effect naturally. You only need to keep the countertop surface to be tidy. So, it offers you another advantage right?

Top Choice and Important Caveat
You have to know that black granite is the top choice from somebody who wants to show black concept of their kitchen. There are also a lot of options of this granite that you can find. You can choose black galaxy, Cambrian black, and Indian black. You can also get titanium, impala black, and absolute black. Those types are so popular for designing somebody’s kitchen.

Well, what another choice that offered by black granite? There is also black granite with white effect. This one can show more consistent concept than others. You can also apply it on your dish washer area. So, there will be no smudges that can be found.
Finally, those are all some black granite functions and options that you can choose for beautifying your black kitchens.