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How to Mix the Style of Dining Table and Chairs


Mixing the styles of dining table and chairs is not something difficult to do. You can do it by buying dining table set in mixed styles or just get an additional set. The style mixing will bring flair to your dining room. You can find some tips below to mix the dining table set styles.

Mixing the Existing Chairs
Firstly, you should find some chairs in different styles but same height with the existing dining chairs. You can put different style but it will look awkward when they have different height. If possible, you should find wood dining table and chairs in similar tones and it will be better to choose the chairs in general shapes of back. If the tone is different, having the same shape will work better.


Test the arrangement around the dining table. If some of the dining chairs having armrests, then the mixed chairs should have the armrests too. It will not cause elbows bumping in the guests and it will look polished more. You can mix at least three styles so the mix and match look will be seen.
Look at the size arrangement of the chairs. If you find a chair with bigger or taller size, then the placement will be best on the end of the table so it doesn’t have other chairs to compare to. If the bigger chairs are placed with the small one, the noticeable bigger chairs will not look quite good.

Add New Chairs Set to the Dining Table
In this case, you should have new chairs to complement the dining table set. If the dining table and chairs set don’t have a head chair yet. Then you can buy the head chair in more standout, special and bigger one. It will be applicable at the end of the dining table. You may need more special details on head chairs such as leather upholstery whilst the other chairs just use fabric upholstery. The upholstered head chair is also a great idea if the other chairs are wood. It will tie the rug, room colors, or everything around the dining room.

If you are going to buy new dining set to mix with your old one, make sure that you can create clean look on the dining table set mixing. If the dining set is having some textures such as plastic, bamboo, or wicker, it will bring dimension into the dining set without get out from the color schemes or using many fabrics to mix to then existing dining table and chairs.