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Never Lose Your White Bathroom: The Best Simple Bathroom Idea Again


The white bathroom ideas will always be the best idea for any kind of bathroom style. Either you have particular theme or you just want a real simple and minimalist bathroom, the color of white will always be a perfect fit for your bathroom.

Simple and modern white bathroom
Especially for you who would like to spend some relaxing time in tub, but have no large bathroom, a simple and modern white bathroom will be a great idea. White ceramic floor will create larger vision and clear lighting effect. You can put a simple white porcelain bathtub. To create larger vision, you can put white ceramic with simple pattern and some calming color accent like blue or any natural pattern. Put the ceramic walls especially around the sink and bathroom vanity where you can keep your toile-tress. While for the non-ceramic wall you can paint with some color which is matched to the color accent of the ceramic wall. You can also put some white bathroom vanity, towel rack and laundry basket. Choose the white ones, it makes your bathroom look clear and clean.


Vintage and classic white bathroom
Besides it can create a futuristic and modern look to the bathroom, you can also make a classic and vintage bathroom theme for your bathroom. It will be a very comfortable bathroom, especially if you live in a classic house with large bathroom. Take for example, the bathroom has wood pattern floor. You can paint the window and the door in white to emphasize the classic look. And then you can choose white vanity for your bathroom. A white cabinet to store your toile-trees, a white sink and large mirror with white frame will make your vintage bathroom looks really beautiful. For the wall you can paint it with lilac color or even darker color like gray or natural brown. The darker color of the wall will create better eye vision. Instead of painting everything in white, it might create monotone eye vision. It will be a perfect furnished when you have a little golden detail like golden bathtub feet or golden handle for the tap and the door and window handles. The golden details at the same time emphasize a classic look and luxurious design of the bathroom. At the same time you also have to consider the lighting of the bathroom. Since the dominant color of the bathroom is white, have some yellowish lamps will help you improve the idea of white bathrooms.