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The Reasons Why Having An Excellent Black And White Room Design Guide Is Not Enough


The modern minimalist room design is most associated with the colors black and white as their main color scheme. The black and white design of a room creates a space that looks very simple as well as serene. The combination of the two colors could also make the room exceptionally luxurious and sophisticated, which is the core of the modern minimalist room design. There are certain rules that you have to follow so that the black and white room you are planning to make will be a success.

Color Composition
In order to make a black and white room design successful you have to use the right color composition. The simplest thing to do in order to apply the colors black and white in a room is by painting walls completely white and use the black color in the decorations, accessories, and even the furniture placed inside the room. For example for a black and white room ideas in the bedroom, paint the walls white as well as using the white bed sheets and pillow case and use black wooden bedroom furniture to complete the look.


Use Varying Shades of the Colors
If a room that consists only of black and white is too stark for you, you can always combine the varying shades of black and white in your interior decorations. By combining the various shades of the two colors you will get black and white room designs that are warmer and more colorful. You can paint the walls of the room any shades of white and the decorations and furniture black. You can also paint the walls in a light shade of black or grey and keep the room from getting too gloomy by using a lot of white in the accessories and furniture. If you painted the walls in grey or light black, make sure that the room gets plenty of light.

Use Accents and Patterns
Using accents and patterns to take off the edge from the starkness of black and white rooms can also be done. Using stripes, animal prints or other graphic designs will also adds to the graphic richness of the room interior design. You should also mix in a bit of a little color when you are using the different accents and patterns to make the decorations all the more rich and luxurious. You can use this trick in a small room since it will require you to use less accessories so that more room will be opened.