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Tips To Start Building A Eclectic Design Style Ideas You Always Wanted


Eclectic design style ideas for home can be the best choice for you. By applying this concept, it means you will combine some ideas of home design to be applied at your home. On terminology meaning, this design means the different style mixture of home decorating. Besides that, it can be also meant about the different cultures blend of time periods.

Although it is a design mixture but do you know the successful eclectic concept? The successful concept of eclectic design is not the random concept of mismatched idea for your home decorating and furnishing. In other hand, there should be the correlation and suitable concept between the colors, texture, shape, and finish of your home design.
You also have to follow certain guidelines for applying this idea. Talking about eclectic design, actually this article is going to give you such the inspirations of this home style. Let’s check reading below!


Eclectic Design of Sitting Room
You can apply this elegant style at your sitting room. This style offers you the combination between the traditional furniture products and contemporary pieces of home stuff. For example, you can take Middle East themed furnishings to be combined with minimalist home decoration. Besides that, two Asian accessories like vases and rugs can be placed at the corner of this room. Don’t forget to add the Persian rug on your sitting room floor. Don’t forget to fit the suitable color for your decorating option!

Eclectic Living Room
Well you can welcome everyone at your living room by this style. You can apply the contemporary design for the wall accents at the living room. There are some accessories of modern styles that can be chosen. After that, you can continue decorating by applying some furniture products with traditional style. For example, you can get wooden chairs and table with rustic style. It will be the best choice for your living room decoration.

Formal Eclectic Design for Your Living Room
There is also formal type for this eclectic design. As the design above, it will be also the combination of traditional and contemporary style. You can get some accessories with classic style like the piano and vases with traditional look.

After that, you can decorate the walls by some artworks with modern theme. Don’t forget to also choose other furniture products with traditional style. Last, you can arrange them by formal placement. Finally those are all some inspirations of eclectic interior design.